Friday, March 13, 2015

It's Meme Mania Over Here.

 It all started with this picture I found as I was looking through my photos. His little face makes me laugh. Then I tried to think of something funny and got nothing so I asked some social media friends what they though and got some great ideas.

I made all of these on the site Meme Dad, super easy to use.
 Then I remembered this picture and thought I'd see what came up.
 And lastly this. I promise he didn't hit his brother or wasn't trying to. He was just playing around with the mallet and was doing it a little to close to his little bro. I made him move right away. After I got the picture though :)

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Lego Party: Decorations

Since I only do 'big parties' every other year (with friends, decorations, a theme, games..... the works) we usually go all out. I know I couldn't handle this every year. Not for this mama. No thank you. But I do love it on the years I do get to do them and it gets my party planning bug out of my system for a while.

This particular year my 4 year old decided almost a year in advance what he wanted, Legos. Naturally. They are scattered throughout my house and my boys live and breathe all things Lego. 

Here are the decorations!

First a sign, I like having some sort of poster or something to show people where to go. This is probably because I'm terrible with directions and could always use some help. Outside we did balloons on the mailbox outside our house and then inside, since we live in the upper part of a split level, a simple poster. This is just a red poster with letters that I actually printed on my computer then glued to yellow poster board and cut around. Not too tricky.
And since I love to put up pictures of the birthday boy I slapped these prints I already had on the wall just under so the kids could see them. I had done these a month or so before for his preschool class.

 Isn't he a cute little 4 year old?
 Then I like to put big things up on the wall so I had the idea to do large Lego minifigures scattered throughout. We love minifigures. I found all these pictures online then just enlarged and printed them on white cardstock. Slapped a black table cloth over the railing we were working on which is right by the door. It was UGLY and needed a good cover up. Add tape and throw the little guys around wherever. My boys loved helping.

Cutting out took some time but I did them a little at a time while I was watching a movie or something. If my boys were older and could cut out better I might have had them help.  You could also just keep them on white sheets of paper.
More figures by the goodie bags! I had my boys help me pick their favorite guys to print.
I also made the food table fun. I saw Lego heads to store Legos but they were CRAZY expensive. No thank you. So I made these out of large peanut butter containers. We eat a lot of peanut butter round here. Spray paint yellow and I made up little decal shadow faces with my Silhouette machine. Then put them on some little crates I got at the dollar store. Bonus, my boys got to keep them to put their legos in later.
We had a friend of ours who is good at making pinatas make ours. I've tried making them myself but I'm terrible at it and he's 10 and so it was a good way for him and his dad to do a project and earn some side money. It turned out great.
The other thing that I loved with doing this them is with the decorating is that my boys got to help out a lot. We pulled out all our Lego books, Lego minifigures, Lego creations and went to town. My boys had a lot of fun putting things everywhere.
One of the things I try to do is to instead of doing lots of little decorations is to a couple big ones. So posters to the rescue! These also hide things I don't want to be seen. Bonus.

I took these pictures myself because I since I take pictures of my jewelry for my shop I have learned a bit about macro photography and wanted to do my own minifigure pictures in my own way. So I had my birthday boy pick out his 3 favorite minifigures and I photographed them. Then I printed them (it was a blue print one done for cheap, tutorial here) and mounted them to foam posterboards. Added some string and hung them from the ceiling.

The posters along with some streamers were a hit as well as hiding our tv and bookcases.Yey for hiding the clutter.
Lastly this was part of our activities as well. I like to have something for kids to do when they get to the party, usually color and play. I found these printable so kids could color their own minifigures and then we hung them up. I loved how creative all the kids got.
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