Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Lego Party Food

Here is the food! Well most of it at least. For food for kid parties I try to keep it as simple as possible and kid friendly because well, this was for 4 and 5 year olds. I also do let my kids pick the food for the most part and they usually pick crowd pleasers.

On the menu was:

Hot Dogs (my sons favorite)
Carrots and ranch (cause we're healthy like that)
Apple juice

Disclaimer. The lighting in this room was weird. It has hardly any natural light and is small so it can be hard to take pictures sometimes. Also I was in a huge hurry cause kids were coming!!!

So just wanted to say how much I love this banner I got off etsy! The person who did it no longer has a shop up but you can find a lot here.
For drinks I had juice boxes but I also did some lemonade because I knew kids would probably want more to drink. Also it was for our family party the next day with mostly adults who might want more than a juice box.  (I no longer have this stand but this one is the one I want to replace it with, LOVE drink stands!)

Love these Lego bottle faces. I used my Sillhouette   to create all the vinyl for the faces on the bottles, the lego guy and other decorations. Once I did a couple faces it was easy to adjust sizes and cut different colors.  I got my Silhouette RIGHT before they came out with the newer one, I love it and it's a great creative tool.

The name cards and other printables came from Crackers Art, though it seems that they don't have any Lego party listed right now, but you can ask! You can find customizable lego party printables here.

I have used these bottles for several parties, they are from  Starbucks Frappuccinos.  and the labels have just been taken off using goo gone and some magic eraser. I actually don't like frappuccinos (not a coffee drinker!) but my sister loves them so I had her save hers.
I did a trade from my etsy shop for these juice box covers and it looks like she no longer makes them. Bummer! They came flat and all I needed to do was put them on my own juice boxes. I used Lego stickers from a sticker book my boys got at Christmas to attach the straw. Kids loved that they got to pick their own Lego minifigure guy.
Cupcake toppers were also a trade (I love trading stuff!) but again no longer making them. I made the cupcakes using a mix made fancy (see here) and butter cream frosting. I've got cupcakes down so they don't take long and aren't too tricky to make.

Some people have asked about this cupcake stand which I got from The Smart Baker  right after they were on Shark Tank. It is genius. I can do whatever tiers I want. For this one I went full size but sometimes I'll do the top two or three tiers. All of it can be taken apart and washed. It is so versatile! This time I added washi tape around the edges just to add some color.
On the years we do big friend parties I always do cupcakes because they are super easy and fast. Weather you make them or buy them they are easy and good to go. I use cupcake tips  which I've had for years and use them all the time. They really make you look like a pro. Big party years I spend my time doing decorations and games rather than a cake.
Watermelon! This was perfect in cups that the kids could just grab. Definitely a favorite.
And my sweet birthday boy. His shirt was handmade by Room to Romp. He loved that shirt SO much and wore it all the time. 

Handmade is Better July Sales Link List

When I started my handmade business I had no idea what I was doing. I actually didn't really think it was a business at first, mostly it was just a hobby that paid for itself. Then things just sort of snowballed from there. Ok, not exactly snowballed but after a TON of work and late nights it started to pay off and turn into a real business. 

Because of this, along with my love of making things I have always loved to help people as they started their business because honestly, I wish I had had someone when I first started! 

This is a link list for all those wonderful handmade shops out there to share some of the sales they have going on. It's a win win! Advertising for small business owners and great deals on wonderful items.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Palmeter's Recovery Auction

On May 5th, 2014  the Palmeter's Family changed forever when a terrible accident threatened the life of mother and wife Laura and her unborn baby. This past year has been a very long difficult road but many miracles have happened. Defying so many odds and surpassing everyone's expectations their sweet baby girl Aria was born without any major complications though she will need to monitored throughout her childhood.

Laura on the other hand has not been so lucky throughout it all. It has been a year of pain, surgeries and doctors visits which it will continue for a long time. Any financial assistance to help with medical costs will be a huge blessing for this wonderful family.

How you can help! 

Prayers and well wishes are always very much appreciated. 

Go to their Go Fund Me account. 
where you can read their story, donate, share it with your friends on facebook and other social media sites. Anything helps!

Participate in our upcoming auction. It will be from July 15th to 19th.  You will be able to preview some amazing items that will be up for auction in the album named Palmeter Recovery Auction. New items will be added leading up to the day of the auction.

Follow my facebook page to get updates on the auction. Don't want to miss it!!!!

Donate to the auction. Do you have a business, items to donate or service you would like to contribute? Contact me at  Items can be local, PDX area please!

Pin this item on pinterest to spread the word! Float your mouse over the top left corner of this graphic and it will say pin it then you can post it to your Pinterest. Easy peasy.


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