Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Mom and Me Giveaway (CLOSED)

 I'm excited to announce:
 8 wonderful shops are contributing to a total of over $325 worth of prizes for one lucky winner! Giveaway begins NOW (well technically 2am 10/14/14) and ends in one week at midnight 10/21/14. US Residence only.

All prizes are gift certificates so the lucky winner gets to go on a $325 shopping spree. Take a peek and enter to win!

  Belleza Mia Jewelry ($100 shop credit)
Candy Argyle Designs ($30 shop credit)
 Freshly Picked (one pair of moccs valued at $60)
Jamberry with Melody ($30 credit)
River Babe Threads ($25 shop credit)
 Silent Poetry Arts ($25 shop credit)
 The Vinyl Company ($30 shop credit)
 Hello Totes! ($30 shop credit)
Good luck!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And our winner is Ally Menlove Drishinski!!!! Congratulations!!! You should be contacted shortly about the deets.

Thank you everyone for participating and stay tuned, we will be doing another one next month too! 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Freshly Picked Review

I remember seeing Freshly Picked on Shark Tank when it first aired. I thought their moccasins were very cute but honestly I didn't think too much of it because I had a 4 year old and we weren't sure if another baby was on the way.

Fast forward to over a year later when we find ourselves with a third boy and all the sudden it seems like moccasins are everywhere! So many people I know had them,  LOVED them and recommended them so I was pumped when I had the opportunity to review a pair.
My hubby is more conservative than I am so I chose their stone suade pair because I figured he'd like them. When they got here I was so excited to get them on his little feet, I could barely contain myself. It took a little bit of work to get them on him mostly because he is the worlds biggest squirmer and kept flexing his toes making it a little tricky but I got them on and they fit perfectly with  a little room to grow. 

To be honest my little guy hates shoes and socks so whenever we put them on he would pull them off within seconds. Because of that he has been barefoot pretty much since he was born. What I wanted to see is if he would be able to pull these off because if any baby could get out of them, it was him. Well, he gave it a good solid effort for about two minutes then gave up. Hallelujah!
I then put Sir Squirms-a-lot on the floor so he could play. Unfortunately his stinker older brothers had been eating blueberries in the living room and had left a couple on the floor (it was one of the few times I am glad we have a dark carpet!) Of course the berries were crawled right over. It took a minute for me to realize what happened and I took the shoes off but they then had several blueberries stuck to them. Mama was not happy one bit. I set to work immediately to get them cleaned up. I was really really nervous because they were new, I hadn't even photographed them to review and I didn't know if the stains would come out. After a little bit of scrubbing though, they came out! Three big stains areas where the berries were and you couldn't even tell after it was done.

Obviously I was impressed. One thing this blueberry indecent made me realize is that I wish I would have gotten the regular leather over the suade because they probably would have been easier to wash off. But all turned out well otherwise. Next time!

Overall I love them. They are very well made, he can't get out, they clean well and they are comfortable and cute. Can't beat that!
 Stay tuned, tomorrow you will have the opportunity to win your own pair along with numerous other fun prizes!

Please note that compensation in the form of a "free" product does NOT effect my opinions in any way. I strive to provide 100% honest feedback about the products being reviewed.
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