Monday, September 13, 2010

Monkey Baby Shower

While I was living, eating and breathing statistics a couple months ago, one of the few things that kept me from going insane was being able to plan a baby shower for a good friend of mine who was having a baby boy.

I love planning showers and other parties. I don't know why, but it's fun. Whenever I have a project like planning a party or even decorating a room I need a source of inspiration. Sometimes it's a picture, sometimes just an idea. For this one it was monkeys because isn't that what all little boys are???
My MAIN source of inspiration was a 'printable party' from Parties by Hardie where she was able to customize everything for me and then all I had to do was print it off! I am definitely going to be doing it again.

For party favors I got Chinese to go boxes from Cash and Carry (like costco but for food service in the NW) and used a circle printed out. Then I just tied a brown bow and good to go! There were filled with banana runts, banana flavored laffy taffy and other goodies.

For the dessert I used my AMAZING super chocolate cake recipe and decorated it with little monkeys using two sizes of vanilla wafers and piped on frosting.
And I can never get enough of these pom pom decorations!
This is the banner I printed off, it says 'welcome little monkey'
And who doesn't love a good old fashion diaper cake?


  1. What a fun theme! Love the colours, and all the food looks yummy, awesome looking cupcakes!

  2. Cute shower! I love the monkey cupcakes those are adorable!

  3. Super cute shower! Love those monkey cupcakes. Wish I would have thought of that for my son's 1st monkey birthday party last month!

  4. Omygosh Kendra! I'm hiring YOU next time I do a party!!! I like doing them too, but I am NOT creative or inventive or anything like that. YAY for talented you!!

  5. Cute monkey cupcakes! I actually love all the details of that baby shower! Maybe I can use that theme for my baby's upcoming 1st birthday. :)



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