Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Superhero Party - Games/Activities

As far as activities goes I tried to keep things relatively simple because the kids were only four or so.

First on the tables I had covered them with colored butcher paper so they could color on (also makes for a really quick pickup)

I found a bunch of comics on ebay for super cheap that were kind of beatup. I made color copies of the covers and mounted them on black paper. My husband whipped up some stands out of a plain block of wood with a cut, then painted it black. Such a simple fun decoration.
And then my boys and I had made some superhero crayons out of melted old ones. Here's a good tutorial if you've never done it before. A lot of the activities were already stuff we had in the back yard like the sandbox,
the trampoline,
and the swing set.
***this girl was so funny, her mom told me she didn't want to go to a BOY party and insisted she dressed her part
We had a guessing game for both the kids and adults.
Most kids were hilarious and said numbers like "8" and "4". I think going back this would be something better for those 5 and up, but they had fun anyways. Again, for all the paper products like the labels and guessing slips I downloaded the comic font from dafont.comThe Lava Pit, another simple activity. I didn't want any super complicated ones with only a few simple instructions. To make it we just used a red plastic table cloth for the 'lava' and put a wooden beam we had on top of it. Easy peasy. And the kids loved it. We also did a game called "Vaporize a Villian" where I filled some balloons with helium and had pictures of 'bad guys' on them. Then they used silly string to 'get them'. They thought it was pretty cool, I think!

Looking back I think a spray bottle filled with water would have been better for that age because only one of them could (barely) shoot silly string on their own. Now. What my son had been looking forward to for over a year. Each time we passed the latin food section in a store where they have pinatas he would ask for one and talk about his birthday. Well today was the day.

I thought a bomb pinata would be easiest to make and it was. My husband ended up doing it for me because I failed miserably at the first attempt. I tried using a balloon but it deflated before it dried. I was extremely frustrated and my husband was sweet enough to take this one off my list of things to do.

For the second attempt he used a plastic ball (you know the kind you find at the grocery store for $1.50?) then used a mix of equal parts water and flour with strips of newspaper. He did a 3-4 layers, cut a hole at the top when it was dry, strung it up and painted it. Oh, and made a 'fuse' out of 4 or so pipe cleaners twisted together.The birthday boy was in heaven. My husband must have done one heck of a job making that pinata because it took forever (at least in kid time), kids didn't even make a dent. So we got a ringer who popped it right open.
Candy!!!! I had plans to do less candy treats but didn't happen. There were lots of superhero gummy snack though. LOTS.
As the kids were gathering up their goodies I had our cousin 'steal' the cupcakes and hide in the back yard. I then gathered them up to go to the food table to get them but they were gone! So they found the thief (he was not hard to find) and chased him and the cupcakes around the yard.
They finally caught him. Don't worry, he dropped the treats off safely before much of a pursuit began

He was a good sport about it, we even shared our cupcakes with him. Should have had him dress up in some ridiculous villain costume though. So many ideas, so little time....


  1. Where did you find the superhero molds for the crayons?

  2. So I LOVE this, and I am stealing as many of these ideas as I can for my son's birthday party in August. I am not too crafty so I am sure mine won't be as awesome as yours, but thank you for the ideas!

  3. I love these ideas. Did you make the capes as well.

  4. saw this on pinterest, my soon to be 4 year old wants a super hero birthday party too :). Did you make the capes/masks? Do you have a tutorial for those if so?

  5. We love this and to add to it, we made a city out of our giant swingset boxes, which I saved just for this purpose! Painted them white and then used blur painters tape to make windows, spray painted boxes grey and black, peeled off tape, and Viola... Windows! :)

  6. i love these ideas! thanks for sharing!

  7. Great ideas, thank you for sharing!!

  8. I am also in charge of my son’s birthday parties, and you know what? He always asks for a superhero themed party. I think he got it from his father because up until now, my husband loves watching cartoons like Captain Planet and Justice League. On my son’s third party, I decided to surprise both of them. I bought them matching capes from an online store, and when they saw them, they quickly wore it while acting like superhero. Priceless.

    Mila Wineinger

  9. Awesome! This will really help with my son's party! Thanks for posting!

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