Friday, March 2, 2012

Jewelry 101: How to Open a Jump Ring

I've started a crafting group in my area for some of the women at church and anyone else who would like to join. For the first couple of classes we are going over jewelry making basics. Here's a tutorial on how to open a jump ring. It's simple but it will help you so much even if you don't make your own jewelry. It comes in handy when you have little kids tugging at your favorite necklace. So instead of throwing it away, you can fix it yourself!

How to Use Jump Rings


You will always want to open a jump ring sideways, not apart or it will lose it's shape.

Use pliers (and for me I use my thumb to keep it in place) to open it just enough to attach it to whatever you'd like.

Slip whatever you'd like onto the jump ring.

Gently close it making sure it's a tight fit and no space is left in between ends.

Here's a picture of what it looks like in real life

What not to do:


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